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Palmetto ® Buffalo

    Palmetto has broad soft leaves that have an emerald green colour.

    Palmetto buffalo can hold its colour for longer into winter because of increased vigour compared to other buffalo turf types.

    Palmetto regenerates from stylon (runners) growth across the ground and because it grows close to the ground these stem do not become unsightly.

    Growing close to the ground also means that there is less mowing for Palmetto, although after it is mowed it does look very similar to other buffalo turf varieties.


    • Softer leaves

    • Holds green colour longer into winter than other buffalo turf.

    • Reduced mowing because far less erect growing shoots and seed heads and stylons growing close to ground.

    • More economical than some other varieties of buffalo.

    • Less seed heads means less allergenic effects for sensitive people.

    Negatives. • Bigger water user than couch, but more bulk.

    • Need to avoid stressing that would expose bare soil areas because no rhizome growth means slower recovery.

    • Over fertilizing can lead to thatching which can be dethatched as required.