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Queensland Blue Couch

Digitaria didactyla

    Lush soft couch that was the traditional turf for the best of lawns for many decades. Native to Australia it is very well adapted to extremes of Queensland summer weather and different seasons.
    Although if stressed Qld Blue couch becomes very thin recovery is rapid after good rain.
    Qld Blue couch grows slowly compared to green couch and requires far less mowing but is susceptible to excessive wear areas.
    Responds very well to reel mower or cylinder mower and strips up beautifully due to lush soft leaves.

    Fine short soft leaves with a deep blue green colour. Leaf width is just 1-2mm and length 15-25mm.

    • Extremely well adapted to Queensland extremes of hot dry summers or hot humid rainy season to frosty cold winters.
    • Slower growing means less mowing.
    • Soft fine leaves.
    • Slow growing meaning low fertilizer user and reduced mowing.
    • Extremely water efficient.
    • Native to Australia.
    • Immune to couch smut.
    • Very disease resistant.


    • Susceptible to high wear situations.
    • Likely to lose colour in frosts.
    • Requires weed maintenance with annual spraying with a suitable weedicide.